Knottinfocus photography


My integrity as  a photographer, and as a person is incredibly important to me, I believe in treating everyone honestly and with respect.

 I take my work seriously and like my shoots to be professional and productive, however,  I also like them to be fun too.

I pride myself on treating models in particular with courtesy and respect at all times, this I believe is reflected in the references I have acquired on PurplePort and Purestorm and a selection I reproduce for you below.

One of the best photographers I have ever shot with. I was away with Phil for the weekend in Wales, he looked after me and made my weekend enjoyable. Thank you so much, Hope we can work together again soon :)

Nicky Phillips

I worked with Phil for the first time at Paul's Studio in Reading this weekend. Phil was lovely work with, really easy to get along with and made the shoot a pleasurable one. He shared the shoot with another photographer and between them they both came up some fabulous ideas for shots.

Phil is a photographer that cares about his shots and puts A LOT of effort behind them which is fantastic to see. Really enjoyed our shoot and would recommend him to other models.

Amy Rose

I worked with Phil at Paul's Studio in Reading. He was friendly and fun to shoot with and I really enjoyed our shoot. He brought lots of cool fabric along to the shoot for me to play with and had lots of ideas! I would highly recommend working with Phil and I hope we get to shoot again! :)

Miss Pixie

I worked with Phil at Paul's studio and Phil was the last shoot of the weekend.  I couldn't of had a better finish to a great weekend.
Phil was friendly, chatty, professional, fun, respectful and came with ideas he would like to try and a style to work around.

He was patient while I was posing, appreciative of everything I did and made me feel at ease.
He is kind and this showed by offering a lift to the station further away to help me out and even bought me a few snacks for the journey home.
I enjoyed our little chat on the way too. Phil is a joy to work with and It was a pleasure shooting with him.
He is a gentleman and I really hope to get to work with him soon, and that's a genuine comment, if you get the opportunity to shoot with Phil take it, you'll have a blast and produce some fantastic images at the same time. Thanks for working with me Phil xx

Emma Kate Dawson EKD

Phil is just awesome. Had my second shoot today with him on my studio day at Paul's studio. Phil always has brilliant ideas and makes a shoot so much fun, relaxed but still productive.  Always makes me feel comfortable and really easy to chat with. I really enjoy working with Phil... Very highly recommended!!


I worked with Phil on a Paul's Studio Manor House shoot.... Phil was fun to work with, kind and friendly, gave clear and concise direction, and even demonstrated some of the poses! From the images I've seen so far, he has a great eye for photography, and took some lovely images :) Recommended to all! xx

Kayleigh Lush

I had the pleasure of shooting with Phil on Saturday at Paul's Studio in Reading.
What fun I had! Phil is fantastic to work with, creative and passionate about his photography striving to produce excellent images.
Kind and considerate, friendly and a joy to shoot with.
Highly recommended and I can't wait for a future collaboration.

Tina B

Did a shoot today with the lovely Phil!! Ohh and yesterday, as part of a group shoot at Paul's Studios Ohh no not yesterday sorry lol Friday eve.. haha heads gone!! Maybe that was due to my 8hr delayed train journey ha, anyway long day as it was, shot with Phil last on both days too!! But still found it awakening, fun, easy going, creative, and full of laughs.. Phil's personality and professionalism is awesome he's such a nice outgoing down to earth guy :-) It has been a fun weekend!! Hopefully work with Phil again soon!! Highly recommended!!

Natalia Forrest

Knottinfocus is both a lovely guy and a great photographer to work with. We worked on some studio glamour with some nude and erotic, he was really polite and kind, had some wicked ideas and was clear in his explanations so I instantly clicked with the style he wanted. You can tell he has real inspiration and passion for photography, and he's a lovely person. Recommended! :)

Amelie Alden

I had a lovely shoot yesterday evening with Phil at Paul's Studio.  The shoot was very enjoyable and we got on really well. Phil gave great direction and had ideas of his own what went very well with the whole theme. He is professional, easy to work with and overall a joy to work with. I look forward to our shoot next month and would definitely highly recommend him to all!

Melissa Tongue

I had another shoot with Phil on Wednesday..Phil is such a joy to work with and has a great personality :) he is a gentleman and likes to direct you aswell as letting you do your thing!! Some great images already recieved and looking forward to seeing the rest. Thanks Phil :) xx

Rebecca Leah

I finally got to shoot with Phil at a Location group shoot in Reading, and he lived up to his reputation...friendly, fun and cheeky, but overall professional and great working with others. Phil has good organisation skills and relates to others very well, meaning he gets the best out of every shoot :).

As you can see he has a good eye for beautiful pictures and loves photography a lot. Hope to shoot with Phil again and maybe for longer next time! I highly recommend

Lizzie Bayliss

It was great to finally shoot with Phil after years of talking about organising one! Phil shot with me at Paul's studio on my Reading tour. We focused on some voyeuristic shots and art nudes. I threw lots of shapes and I think we got some stunning images- quite excited to see them! Phil was lovely to work with and put up with my dry humour excellently. Thank you Phil, looking forward to next time!

Artemis Fauna

I had a great shoot with Phil today!  He was really easy to get on with, made the shoot very comfortable..  He has a lot of great ideas and obviously has a great talent! I  can’t wait to see the final images! I hope to work with you again very soon! Thanks

Milly Jean

After months of various emails pinging back and forth I finally managed to be able to put a face to the name. The shoot was well planned with various ideas brainstormed before hand so i knew exactly what to expect. Was hard to control my excitement in the days leading up to the shoot in anticipation and it most definitely didn’t disappoint. Cant wait to see images and look forward to working together on future projects. Perhaps one of my most enjoyable shoots to date.....would highly recommend to anyone!

Golden Ivory

After speaking with Phil on a few different occasions I finally got the chance to meet him this morning! Unfortunately it was a hellish journey to him with all 3 of the trains I had to catch being delayed, but he didn't mind one bit and was SO helpful with staying in touch with me and making sure I knew a new route to him and what times they were, as with the bad signal I couldn't really do it myself. I was working with him alongside two other PP photographers but because he kindly collected me from the station I got to chat to him a bit on the journey to the studio we were working at and he is such a lovely guy! Got on with him really well and it was a pleasure finally meeting him

I really enjoyed our shoot, with plenty of interesting sets there wasn't one boring moment and I had a fantastic time. I'm so excited to see the results as I'm sure there will be plenty of amazing images. Highly recommended by me and hope to work with him again!!

Rachelle Summers

Phil is such a lovely person, I met him on Paul's studio Manor House event on Friday and then we worked together this afternoon at Paul's studio.

I really liked working with Phil because not only is he friendly and chatty which makes you feel at ease from the go, he also has a good creative outlook. Phil came with some fab ideas for us to work with, he gave great direction and communication.

Phil also let me go a little early from shoot to catch my train, he also drove me to station which was such a help to me, I really appreciate it, thank you. Will see Phil next month in Wales, looking forward to it. Highly recommended from me.

Carla Monaco

I had a lovely shoot with Phil at Paul,s Studio in Reading yesterday.

I have shot with Phil briefly in the past but it was lovely to shoot and catch up again.

Phil is a lovely photographer, a gentlemen. Phil had lot's of ideas and hopefully we shot them all. Great comms throughout the shoot and to have a laugh. Highly recommend to other models.

Cath Faza.

Another brilliant and creative shoot with Phil at Pauls Studio. This time Phil had so many cool ideas and props to use. I'm loving the images being uploaded from our shoot and I can't wait to work with Phil again!

Miss Pixie

I never understand where Phil gets his doubts about his photography from....

He is one of the really talented photographers I have had the pleasure of working one. His lighting is always spot on, his ideas, always unique and creative. And he as a person....just a joy to be around.

Phil is always smiling, always polite and friendly to me. I have known him as long as I have known and been working for Paul's Studio now. Which is a good few years. I always look forward to seeing Phil's smiley face at the events and they would not be the same without him!

Thank you Phil,

Tillie xx

I had the pleasure of shooting with Phil a couple of weeks ago at his home studio.

Phil had great communication before the shoot and explained in detail what he wanted to achieve. He made me feel very welcome and helped me to get my stuff from the car. We discussed different ideas and looked through my outfits to decide what the best looks would be.

I feel like Phil had a number of great ideas and I think the pictures are fab. I especially liked his ability to try different/funnier scenarios which were a bit more outside of the box!

Phil even gave me red fabric for my sarong to use for the swim wear round of the Miss GB competition. I would happily work with Phil again Smile


Yet another amazing shoot with Phil, this time at Pauls studio in Reading. Phil is such an amazing person and easy to work with, even went out of his way to drop me off at the apartment I was staying. Very highly recommended!

Faith Obae

Finally got the chance to shoot with Phil not so long ago at Paul's studio in Reading. Phil had some great concepts and ideas and we tried them and achieved some fab results ! Phil is great to work with. Friendly, fun and respectful.

I highly recommend Phil to anyone wishing to work with him and I do hope we get to shoot together again soon Smile Thanks,

Roxy Mendez

Thanks for a great shoot!!Getting to be too many to list so why not take a look at